Photo Gallery

Playing, Rehearsing & Jamming

Sam, Robbie & BrendanBrendan rocking out!Sam & Robbie deep in grooveIttai & Gabe working out an odd rhythm
Brian showing how a chord is playedChris pointing out notes on the fretboardWorking out an original songRehearsing!
Feeling the grooveWorking out instrumental partsPaul explaining a rhythmRiley really feeling the groove!
Cal working his magicJack laying down a tight groovePracticing on stageIsrael & Finn getting into the groove
Xorissa & Lauren working out harmoniesGabe groovingThose harmonies are groovy!Cal giving the groovy eye
Israel hamming it up!Brendan says...Sooooo groovy!Uh oh...it's the Finnadactyl


The stage is setThe CommuteSynapse Grayson & Riley grooving it up!
Soaring WombatsSam, the groovemeisterBrendan, the groovinatorGolden Sol
Ian, Gabe, Ittai & Finn...looking good & ready to grooveThe groove's gonna get funky!Being silly!Why so serious?
Ode to FinbarVince, Brian, Franz, Matt, Kelly & CameronGetting the groove onSharing the groove
Brian following the GrooveSarah, Rob, Brian & Chris. Some of the original Groove Camp instructorsJulie grooving on the fiddleBrian & Sam grooving together


Anthony Wellington teaching a theory and bass clinic

Anthony warming upAnthony explaining scale theoryHow many notes on your instrument?Well you see...
Anthony demonstrating some ideasListen closely, everyone

Trevor Higgins teaching a live sound and recording clinic

Trevor going over the gear in the rackWho knows the difference between an amp, watt and volt?If an artist's ego is this big...The importance of listening and hearing

BJ Cantlupe & David Irving giving a talk on studying music at college and pursuing a musical career

Discussing the reality of music in collegePlaying some original jazzExplaining and showing good practice habitsBJ playing for the campers

Julie giving a break dancing lesson

Feeling the beatNow you got it!Go B-boys and B-girls!Noah picking up the moves and laying em' down

Seth Hurwitz, owner of the 9:30 Club, telling stories

Seth telling stories about the club and giving advice to the campers

Team Building

Blindfolded Drum Stalk

Follow you ears and other sensesFind the drum without seeing it


Everyone shares the same two legsFinding a rhythmTeamwork!We did it!

Three-Legged Race

Gotta work together!Finding what worksMarch to a cadence

Frisbee & Relaxing Outside

Disc up!Tossing the frisbee aroundRelaxing under the tree