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Summer Music Experience for Young Musicians

Takoma Groove Camp is a musical day camp allowing advanced beginning, intermediate and advanced musicians to gain experience playing in a contemporary band setting. During the camp students will be exposed to many facets of being that come together in order to make a complete musician. Not only do we get plenty of jamming and composing, but we discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, and utilizing your senses to the fullest in order to reach one's creative potential. The general age range of campers tends to be from 11-17 years old. But, we've had campers as young as 7 and 8 and some that stay with us until they are 18 and 19. We would love to have anyone and everyone at camp that wants to be there and would be a good fit. If you have questions about your young musician's age and if they are at an appropriate level to join Takoma Groove Camp, please be in touch with Camp Director, Brian Weber at

As a Groove Camper you will:

-Explore MANY genres of music.

-Meet other talented, eager, ego-free, creative musicians and peers who you

can continue to jam with after camp ends! Many local gigging bands met each other at Groove Camp! Manic Attack, The Agiles, and The Flying Mighty to name a few...

-Play an awesome concert of original material.

-Learn helpful meditation and stretching techniques to relax and strengthen the body, and divergent thinking exercises to help reach the most desirable outcomes of any situation.

-Explore band dynamics, group process, and musicianship as you take part in writing, arranging, rehearsing, advertising, and performing your material.

-Learn how to set up the equipment needed to put on your own concerts after camp.

-Learn from a faculty of experienced, accessible, down to earth, professional musicians and educators.

-Design and manipulate artwork and graphics as you explore the marketing and promotion of your band.

-Discover new abilities and problem solving techniques as we conduct the various individual and team building exercises designed to help you notice and improve your senses. Get some good physical activity. After lunch we participate in various activities including ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, hackey sack & bocce ball. Participation is optional, but encouraged. Don't worry, no one cares if you are "bad at sports", you'll be welcome in the game. An extra change of clothes and a good pair of sneakers is recommended to participate in some activities.

Other Possible Activities throughout the week may include:

-Visiting an amazing, Grammy award winning recording studio in order to learn what to expect when your band goes into the studio to record.

-Taking a 'field trip' to local concert venues to tour the facilities and see what it would be like to load-in, set-up, sound check and play live shows at some of the areas top-notch rooms. Who knows what other fantastic activities await!

Takoma Groove Camp Details:

-Takoma Groove Camp classes are held at the Seeker's Church (, 276 Carroll St. NW, Washington DC 20012 (directly across the street from the Takoma Metro Station on the Red Line)

-Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

-Drop off occurs from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at Seeker's Church

-It is very important to be timely! Early is on time. On time is late.

-Students must pack a lunch or bring money to buy lunch. There are multiple healthy lunch options within a couple blocks of camp.

-Each camp session culminates in a Friday Evening Concert (6:00 p.m.) Invite friends and family! Concert is free and open to the public. Earplugs are provided.

-Instructors include those with First Aid/CPR certification and emergency response experience.

-Supervised students will periodically leave the premises to go to the sports field, get lunch, or possibly play acoustically at the 'Gazebo'.

For more information about Takoma Groove Camp, email:

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