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Takoma Groove Camp is an amazing experience. At their end-of-session performances, you can see how much the campers have learned in such a short time. The young musicians who attend not only learn more about how to play their instruments, but also how to jam, how to improvise, and how to work with other band members to get beyond wanting to write a song, to actually writing multiple songs. The vibe at camp allows for each individual musician to grow and to contribute. The camp leaders create a place that feels safe enough to take huge risks, that's genius. My son learned skills in the Takoma Groove Camp that helped him to continue writing songs and collaborating with other musicians after the summer was over.

Mary Amato, author, musician & parent of former Groove Camper

Groove Camp is the real deal! Forget about all those other franchise music programs. Groove Camp teaches kids not just to play and perform, but to have the confidence to write their own songs, create their own musical voice and take it wherever it leads them. Brian Weber and the entire staff are great working musicians who inspire the kids they teach and bring love and passion to what they do.

Tom Casey, parent of current Groove Camper

It is Summer and your kid has some free time for a week or three. He likes sports but is not really that interested in a week of basketball camp. During the school year, he or she showed some aptitude in music, taking guitar lessons or playing the clarinet. Groove Camp takes the interest from 'simmer' level and turns up the learning, doing, sharing and enjoying "heat" of actually forming and performing with peers in a band. The student gets to choose and play what they like and are taught by the same instructors (plus some special teachers invited in just for camp) that have logged over ten years teaching at The House of Musical Traditions. Some kids create lasting bonds of musical friendships and form bands that play out to the public even as you are reading this. It is that good! It's in Takoma Park, great facilities, great teachers, fair prices and done with other kids that want to play! Truly a Win-Win for everyone.

David E. Eisner, President & Owner of House of Musical Traditions

Both my girls participated in Takoma Groove Camp for 3 consecutive summers. Brian Weber had been their guitar teacher and mentor for many years and he encouraged them to participate in the Groove Camp. Every day of the camp they were so happy. Brian and the staff put them in the right band of campers and they were able to write, play, perform and hear and listen to music in new and exciting ways. Brian is deeply grounded, wise and so connected to kids who love music you cannot go wrong signing up for this camp. It will empower and help your teen to feel a part of a community and to be mentored by the best!

Julia J., Parent of former Groove Campers

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